Peter McAleese

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Peters F.N.L.A. ..I.D. Card

Born in Scotland and brought up in the tough Shettleston district of Glasgow he went on to serve in the British Army. He also undertook a tour of duty with the SAS, as a combat instructor obtaining the rank of Sergeant. Peter was involved in the Hilton Assignment project, being recruited by James Kent and David Sterling of Watchguard, as team leader. This was an attempt to overthrow Colonel Gaddafi, by raiding one of his prisons in Libya and releasing a large group of political prisoners who would then join in with an already in progress coup. However it was stopped by the American CIA after they applied pressure to the Italian and British Governments. At that time it was thought that Gaddafi was anti communist and would be friendly to the west. How wrong they were.

Then John Banks recruited him to go Angola in 1976 and fight for the FNLA.  He took over command of all the remaining Mercenaries after the capture of the infamous Colonel Callan, only just managing to get out of Angola before being captured himself.

Peter next went to Rhodesia although by then he was in his 40s, he managed to pass a selection course and joined the Special Air Service. After the fall of Rhodesia he moved on to South Africa and joined a paratrooper unit known as the 44 Parachute Brigade in which he helped to form a pathfinder unit.

After leaving the South African military he worked for COIN a civilian security company.

After a serious parachuting accident he went back to the United Kingdom from where he undertook some mercenary work in Colombia. It was here that he teamed up with Dave Tomkins and Alex Lenox training Colombian Cali Cartel members.

During August 1989, reports surfaced in the British and Italian press that the Colombian Cali Cartel, with close ties to the George Bush government, had hired SAS veterans to assassinate Pablo Escobar leader of the rival Medellín Cartel. On August 16th just three days after the newspaper story broke, Colombian presidential candidate Luis Carlos Galán, a fierce opponent of the drug trade was assassinated.

During the 1990’s Peter went to Russia and teamed up with Mike Steele helping train Russian body guards.

He has since worked in the security industry in Algeria and served in Iraq for several years.

Terry Aspinall 1990, updated 2010.


Peter has two books on the market both well worth a read.

'Fighting Manual' by Peter McAleese (1999). Published by Orion. ISBN 0-7528-0063-9

'No Mean Soldier' by Peter McAleese (2000). Published by Cassell Military. ISBN 0-304-35684-0

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