Angolan Conflict 1986/89

A list of Russian military advisors who did not return home

It’s common knowledge that many Russian military advisors were sent to Angola from 1975 to 1991, and that many of them were involved in front line fighting with South Africa.

If it’s possible this site would like to list those who did not return to their mother land Russia. It’s widely believed that as many as 54 died during that period, but as to what the circumstances were its not known. What is known is that during the fighting and bombardments of Cuito in 1987/88 two Russians lost their lives due to South Africa fire.

Your help would be most appreciated if you can add a name and maybe his unit to a list that will be added to this page.

Thanks to all who have helped with this Angolan Conflict subject, and especially those who visit. We hope that your knowledge has been expanded.